A complete Portraits Photo Service

What’s unique about you?

Yakov Strelchin knows, and his portrait photography shows it.


What’s the difference between Yakov’s Studio and other Chicago-area professional portrait photographers?

The difference is Yakov himself. Most other portrait photographers can make you look good by arranging you in an attractive pose, with an appealing smile and your eyes engaged with the camera lens.


People will like the way you look; and chances are, so will you. But something will be missing.


Yakov’s portrait photography stands apart – because you stand apart. He understands that you are truly unique, so he gets to know the real you. Yakov has a way about him that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you enter his studio. As you get to know each other, he’s able to discover the things that define you as a person. And he captures your uniqueness in his portrait photography.


You’ll look like yourself, of course. But more important, you’ll look like the individual you really are, because Yakov’s portrait will reveal the essence of the real you.


People will like the way you look. You’ll love the way you look. And your portrait will preserve the real you for your children, for your grandchildren, and for generations to come.


Young people respond well to Yakov’s caring and gentle nature during individual and family portrait photography sessions. That leads to trust and cooperation and to outstanding photographs.

If you tell us your needs and budget, we’ll customize a portrait package that’s comfortable and affordable for you and that will meet – and exceed – your expectations. We’ll also put you in touch with as many of our clients as you wish, so you can learn about their experiences.


We offer you complete portrait services:

— Family Portraits
— Individual Portraits
— Children’s Portraits
— Wedding Portraits
— Engagement Portraits
— Bar/Bat Mitzvah Portraits
— Landmark Event Portraits


Is Yakov’s Studio the right Chicago-area portrait photographer for you?
We invite to meet Yakov in his studio during a free consultation and viewing of his standout portrait photography.

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