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Family and kids photography is all about capturing groups of people that have family ties. These range from the small group, such as parents and their children.

Often, the members of the family or group are inexperienced models in front of the camera.


We to make them feel comfortable and at easy.

Family and kids photo

Who’s the best Chicago-area wedding photographer for you?

We offer you complete wedding services:

— Action-packed Candid Shots that capture every special moment, preserving it forever.

— Casual Engagement Portraits and photos of the engaged couple, taken at any Chicago-area indoor or

outdoor location you choose (available with or without a wedding package).

— Stunning Formal Bridal Portraits of the bride in her gown, taken in the bride's home, at the event itself, or

at the time and location of your choice.

— Soft Romantic Poses of the bridal couple (the photos most highly prized by most of our brides).

— Customized Wedding Photography Books custom-designed specifically for you, with your choice of dozens

    of album colors and materials.

— Memorable Wedding Videos of your ceremony and celebration, sure to become cherished family keepsakes.


Is Yakov’s Studio the right Chicago-area wedding photographer for you?

Find out by calling 847-322-1811 for more information and to schedule a

free consultation with Yakov himself.

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